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Michael Kamleitner is CEO & Product Manager at, a Social Media Management solution that’s helping companies to improve their customer support & content management on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. is currently used by companies such as 3Österreich, Hitradio Ö3, ÖBB, Focus Online and Burda Intermedia.

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Launch: Learn Everything About Channel-based Roles!

When we improved our roles & permission system back in June, I’ve already teased another upcoming change: channel-based permissions! Today I’m glad to tell you that the wait is over – we’ve just launched this great new feature for all our customers! 🙂 Why are We Adding Channel-based Permissions? While many smaller social media teams grant […]

Lisa Stadler, “How and Why We Do Snapchat Marketing”

While putting together our latest eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, we sat down with Lisa Stadler, Social Media Manager at, to discuss the content strategies that work best on the platform, Snapchat’s core features and how you can measure the success of Snapchat campaigns. Read the whole interview below and find out […]

Judith Denkmayr, VICE: “How Snapchat Marketing Works for Agencies and Brands”

As part of our latest eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, we recently sat down with Judith Denkmayr, Chief Corporate Development & Communications Officer at VICE Austria, to discuss Snapchat’s potential for marketing agencies and brands. Read the whole interview below and find out why your brand needs to be on Snapchat, the main […]

Launch: Learn Everything About the New User Roles & Permissions!

Today I’m excited to give you a quick heads up about a recent change in the Role & Permission system.  Since this release also includes some minor changes to the permissions of each role, I’d like to ask you to read this post carefully. If you’ve got any questions, you can reach us through […]

7 Social Media Experts and What You Can Learn from Their Blogs

While social networks like Facebook or Twitter mainly act as powerful distribution channels, even social media experts turn to blogs to convey their most valuable content. If updates on social media typically reach only the ones who already follow or like the entity who has posted, blogs are a completely different thing. They act as […]

How to Optimize Posts for Different Social Media Platforms

There are no 2 identical social media platforms Have you ever been tempted to just duplicate the same content on all of your social media channels? Overcome that temptation by thinking of the following 3 things: Each social media platform has a specific audience. Even if the same person follows your brand on several social […]

Launch: The All-New Composer!

It’s been a while since we’ve had some major announcement on product updates here on the blog (we regularly post smaller improvements on Facebook, Twitter and of course So, you might ask: has the development team been on hiatus? Obviously, the answer is a loud and clear “no”, as I’m going to prove with this extended update […]

6 Reasons Why Customer Service Won’t Work in 2016 Without Social Media

Social customer service is the wave of the future We can’t issue any predictions about the future without understanding a little about the past and present. If you want to have an idea about where customer service is going in the next 2 years, take a look at what’s been trending in the past year: […]

Free eBook: How To Leverage Psychology for Smarter Social Media Marketing

Consumers build brands. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that companies need to go the extra mile in order to nourish their perceptions and expectations with trustworthy brand experiences. In order to acknowledge at all times the current and potential needs of their audience, companies have turned to human psychology and how this impacts consumer […]

9 Social Media Growth Hacks that You Need to Implement Today

Your social media marketing strategies don’t pay off as you would have expected them to? Things don’t happen fast enough? When was the last time you tried something different? We’ve got 9 social media growth hacks that are believed to be working every single time. Ready to give them a go? Build social media strategies […]

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