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Launch: WhatsApp Support for – Social Media Management on all channels!

Broadcast & Private messaging – starting today, companies can finally integrate WhatsApp with their existing social media content- & customer service processes seamlessly!

It’s Showtime! Manage your Channels on YouTube

Community Management for YouTube Channels Building a tool that’s helping you to provide great customer service & community management is at the core of our mission. Keeping track of all conversations, never missing a customer request, ensuring quick reaction times – today we are excited to extend these priorities to the #1 platform requested by […]

The Complete Guide to Analytics

With the new Analytics we’ve done our best to keep the good parts of our current reports, while adding a ton of new functionality and greatly improving usability all across the board. The new Analytics are grouped in three distinct parts, which can  be access through the sidebar navigation: Community: All about the people that make up […]

Launch: Real Time Updates for Private Messages on Facebook

Real time conversations can be crucial to a company’s success on social media. Visitors want information as fast as possible. In most cases, they want them right now. Your organization’s reaction time can decide, whether or not a customer gives you the edge over your competition. A missed message or a late response can be factors […]

Schedule & Publish Facebook Video Posts

It’s pretty clear video is a top priority for Facebook Marketing in 2015, so today we’re excited to launch support for Facebook video in! Starting today you will find a new option when adding “Attachments” in the composer – choose “Video”, upload a video file from your local harddrive and your good to go. Notice: Facebook […]

Easy to Disinguish: “Unpublished Page Posts” in Calendar

Very often, your feedback is the starting point for a “Daily Improvement”! Like today, when we’ve changed how Facebook’s Unpublished Posts (also called “Dark” or “Hidden” Posts) are displayed in the calendar. The striped, grey background (+ the “Eye”-icon) makes them much easier to separate from regular posts.  Btw. we have this great new feature that let’s […]

Keep Track with Author Attribution

Time for another update! Today we’re adding Author Attribution – a quick way to see which team member has published a post or comment/reply! This makes it very easy to keep track who’s already involved in a particular conversation. Of course, Author Attribution is also displayed for deleted posts or comments! Sounds familiar? Of course, you might know […]

Share Images & Files on the Activity Log

Just a quick tuesday-morning update! As of today, you can use the Activity Log in Tickets and Posts not only to share internal thoughts & comments with other members of your social media team, but also to upload and share images and files of any type! Just click on the icon in the top-right corner of the textarea, select a […]

Better Customer Support with our Ticket Inbox 2.1

Just after relaunching the Ticket Inbox –’s social customer support hub – a few months ago, we immediately started to think about further improvements to this crucial part of our product. We tracked your clicks & did in-depth interviews to get a better understanding of how our users are actually doing customer service on Facebook, Twitter etc.  With those learnings we went […]

A New Login for!

When we first started to work on in 2012, the app was planned to be an in-house, Facebook-only monitoring tool for ourselves and some select partners. Given our agencies’ background in the development of Facebook Marketing apps, it was pretty obvious to choose Facebook Login (then “Connect”) as method of authorisation for users. Fast-forward 2 years and […]

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