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Becky Shindell, SEMrush: “Originality – A Core Attribute of Social Media Content”

In our latest eBook about Social Media Content “The Art of Social Media Content Creation” we’ve included an interview with Becky Shindell, Social Media Marketing Managerin at SEMrush. Read the whole interview below and find out how Becky is using Social Media to engage with potential customers, how SEMrush creates original content for social media […]

How to Brainstorm and Manage Ideas for your Social Media Content Plan

In this blog post we’re going over 7 of the most effective brainstorming techniques to manage your Social Media Content Plan. In addition, we’re exploring several tools that can facilitate brainstorming and managing your content ideas. Read on to find out which techniques and tools best fit your context. When wanting to tell a story for […]

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