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Competitor Analysis: How to Spy on Facebook Ads from Your Business Rivals

If you want to be a successful player in your market, you need to know what your competition is up to. This holds true for their Facebook ad campaigns too, considering that paid ads grow in importance steadily. It only seems natural to learn from others’ accomplishments and mistakes and draw inspiration from them for […]

The Top 20 Pearls of Influencer Marketing – 20 Examples How Not to Do it

What to do with a certain product to make it look good on Instagram? Influencers are facing this question regularly and often the answer is not the right one – you might bring your chocolate to the bathtub or present shower gel on your breakfast plate. In case of doubt the result is often not […]

From Third to First Party Cookies: Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Pixel Update

The Facebook pixel is a must for professional Facebook marketing. This is why it was a shock when Apple announced an update for its Safari browser last summer which will automatically delete third-party cookies within a certain time frame. This means a significant restriction for a browser with a worldwide market share of nearly 4 […]

The Complete Guide to Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Beginners

The amount of ad formats and adjustment options of Facebook ads is growing at the same speed as their importance. This opens up new possibilities, but also makes it harder to keep track of everything. What’s the difference between the different ad formats and which is the right choice for each goal? Our big overview […]

How to Benefit from Using Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is the control centre for Facebook marketing activities. It gives you and your team the ability to manage all your pages and advertising accounts in one place. This includes detailed analysis and the assignment of different roles. The catch is: The tool is not easy to use. Therefore, it usually takes some […]

Social Media Ads vs. TV Advertising: Which One Will Win?

In a world where the number of cord-cutters increases with each passing day, companies looking to advertise their products or services often have to expand their channels beyond TV, even if they keep using the same medium. In the following blog post we’ll take a look at the differences between these two channels, with a […]


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