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A click is a click – or is it? Useful tips for analyzing Facebook Ads

In the beginning of this year, we shared with you the most important Social Media Key Figures. If you are using the Facebook Ads Manager to stay on top of your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, you should still learn a little more on the topic. Why? Because in the world of Facebook, there are 6 […]

Social Media 2019: Figures and Benchmarks for Your Marketing

How well am I doing in comparison with others? A lot of times, you should avoid asking yourself this question. In Social Media Marketing however, it makes sense to evaluate yourself continuously. After all, the answer to this question provides valuable insights into where you are at with your company. But how good is good […]

25 Social Media Key Figures You Must Know by 2019

Measuring your success is key in Social Media Marketing – but what should you be measuring in order to advance yourself and your company? This is where Key Figures (KFs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into play. In this blog post, we will show you the difference between metrics and KPIs, and showcase which […]

10 Instagram Analysis Tools You Should Know

Instagram is not only known for its rapid growth but also for its high interaction rate. But even on this platform your followers will not automatically react to any photo that you are putting in front of their noses or eyes. To turn the interaction readiness of Instagram users into successful marketing campaigns you have […]

Analyze Your Competitors on Social Media with the Right Strategies and Tools

„The best way to beat a rival is admiring him for what he is better at.“ This quote by the author Peter Altenberg is as relevant today as it was 100 years ago. In Social Media Marketing it is very important to learn from your competitors. Competitor analysis tools are a valuable helpers to achieve […]

Top 3 Social Media Metrics for the Biggest Social Channels

Social media metrics are comprised by data and statistics that provide insights into the performance levels of your social media marketing strategy. Some social media metrics are universal, and can be applied to more than one channel; others are tailored to match a specific platform. Out of dozens of social media metrics you can analyze […]

5 Achievable Social Media Goals and How to Reach Them

For every social media marketer, it’s important to define goals for the activities that are planned. But did you know that only 9% of people who set goals also achieve them? Because these goals are broad, hence unattainable. The same often applies to social media goals. When you set the bar too high, you get […]

How to Track the Success of Your Insta Stories

With great stories comes great responsibility – that should be your marketing mantra when using Insta Stories to track the success of your business on social media. Analyzing, measuring, and tracking stories help you have a better understanding of what goes through the mind of your audience. Metrics highlight behavior happening when nobody but automated […]

How To Measure Content Effectiveness with Social Media Content KPIs

Keeping track of your social media content’s performance is an essential step in the content publishing process. Past and actual performance enable social media managers to pivot whenever necessary, not to mention that it can help them take better decisions and adapting their social media strategy. Regardless if you’re just getting started with your social […]

Social Media KPIs for Dummies

What Are the Social Media KPIs that You Should Be Tracking? Image credits: Paul Kehrer CC Social media engagement, the new industry buzzword that promises to revolutionise marketing as well as customer services and bring loads of benefits along the way. You know it has to be valuable, continuous, on different social media platforms, etc. […]


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