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3 Brands that Know the Meaning of Effective Social Listening

Social listening, if used properly, can represent an invaluable resource for increasing engagement, developing new content strategies and creating new advertising campaigns. In this day and age, simply being present on social media is far from enough, as brands also need to identify what their fans think when they’re not addressing them directly. Luckily, social […]

Best Practices: 8 Messenger Bots that Drive Online Interaction

In August, just four months after Facebook launched its own bot platform on Messenger, there were no less than 18,000 bots approved. While it’s beyond any doubt that not all of them were professionally built or are even worth a try, some are really impressive and practical. While there are already several directories of chatbots, […]

Social Media Ads vs. TV Advertising: Which One Will Win?

In a world where the number of cord-cutters increases with each passing day, companies looking to advertise their products or services often have to expand their channels beyond TV, even if they keep using the same medium. In the following blog post we’ll take a look at the differences between these two channels, with a […]

The Future of Customer Service: AI Replacing Human Interaction?

Human interaction has been often perceived as an irreplaceable component of customer service. However, technology progresses at an incredible pace, and many activities that were handled by real human beings in the past will be eventually assigned either to robots or directly to computer programs and artificial intelligence. The latter is seen more and more […]

Why Airbnb, Amazon, and PayPal Do Customer Service Differently

A week ago, we discussed how Uber, Google and Booking changed the game of customer service. You can read that story here. Now, we continue our approach to great customer service with other three international giants. Who hasn’t heard of Airbnb, Amazon or PayPal? They represent innovative business models that have disrupted entire industries: hospitality, […]

How Google, Uber, and Booking Changed the Game of Customer Service

In recent times, customer service has become more than just a tool used to increase retention of customers, as disruptors also employ it to differentiate from their competition. The proliferation of communication media has enabled almost every large company out there to develop its proprietary way of interacting with its customers. To prove our point, […]

7 Examples of Successful User Generated Content Campaigns

Remember how things were 10 years ago? Marketers put a lot of effort into creating new strategies and campaigns that consumers would hopefully love. They invested into hiring creative people, let them work in special “creativity” spaces and were constantly focusing on expanding the channels to bring the ideas to the waiting consumers who would […]

Forget Trendy, Try Useful. What Can Do for Social Media Managers

How many social media management tools have you tried before sticking to one that fulfills your needs, or at least part of them? Do you remember what you didn’t like about the tools that you have tried? We’ve come up with a list of complaints and technical weaknesses that users have reported for several social […]

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Social Media Marketing from Another Galaxy

How can brands improve their social media marketing by learning from the Star Wars frenzy? The Star Wars franchise is one of the most powerful brands which has built itself for almost four decades. The film series represented a turning point in the industry of Sci-Fi and changed the face of Hollywood. It became a […]

How Broadcasters Leverage Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is the new mantra for broadcasting companies Broadcasters play an important role in reaching out to global audiences and have a strong influence in the world as they are the most effective way of spreading information via different channels (movies, news, sports matches, live events, advertising etc.). It is a fact that […]

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