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Boost Your Business With Hashtags: The Ultimate Guide 2019

The role that hashtags play in Social Media is being underestimated quite frequently. However, in 2019 too, the popular combination of numbers, letters, and the # symbol are much more than just a pastime for bored Instagram and Twitter users. Put to good use, they allow for your content to be found, and further your […]

5 Things Companies Should Definitely Know About Pinterest

Only a few still don’t have Pinterest for businesses on their marketing list. With an exponential growth in user numbers and meanwhile 250 million users (as of autumn 2018), the visual search engine should no longer be underestimated. You read that right! Pinterest is not just another social media platform but a search engine! And as […]

An Expert Tells You About Immediately Applicable Tips for Your Instagram Follower Growth

An app with 800 million users, including 500 million daily users: We are talking about Instagram. The popularity of this platform is undisputed. The app, which belongs to the Facebook empire, offers a variety of possibilities for companies. Growth is always a challenge, especially if it is to be developed as organically as possible. If […]

LinkedIn Algorithm Hacking – How to Increase the Reach of Your Posts

With more than 500 million members, LinkedIn is the most important business network in the world. The platform offers promising opportunities to successfully practise content marketing in the B2B area, to establish new business relations, to generate leads and to increase the public awareness of your company. The LinkedIn algorithm defines which posts users receive […]

We interviewed 3 GDPR experts and this is what they recommend you

There’s a ghost of online marketing. Its name is GDPR. The EU-wide basic data protection regulation, which will enter into force on 25 May 2018, should not be underestimated. The regulation lays down strict and largely new rules for the handling of personal data. Those who do not comply with these must reckon with warnings […]

9 Podcasts to Help Improve Your Social Media Marketing Skills

The power of podcasts goes beyond the power of conventional type of content like news, books, and articles. With popular platforms like iTunes and Spotify, interactive talking instead of writing seems like an easier way to consume content for people that don’t have much time to spare. In a podcast done by Social Media Examiner, […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Making Your Own GIF

Initially released in 1987 in the form of an animated icon that illustrates or drives an action, the traditional GIF lost its touch over the years. Fortunately, the internet is a bit like the fashion world – it kills trends only to bring them back to life. The same thing happened with the GIF. With […]

How to Set up Your Instagram Business Account

With the advent of social media channels, the impact of visual content has increased in popularity in the past decade. Many brands still struggle to understand how visuals can help capture their audience’s attention. After being bought by Facebook for $1 billion in 2012, Instagram has gone from photo-sharing app to powerful social media network […]

Girls Run the Web: The Phenomenon of Female Influencers

Research shows that women influencers who use social media platforms as a marketing channel outperform men’s earnings by 35%. The increasing demand for influencers in the lifestyle and beauty niches sets the stage for a more valuable marketplace for women. Influencers, regardless of their niche, agree to market certain products for different reasons (e.g. profit, […]

How Agile Learning Turns You into a Better Social Media Manager

How many of you used to have a MySpace page? A lot of people, probably. I did too, along with many of my friends. How many of you abandoned that page once Facebook came along? Everyone? That’s not really a surprise. Social media is subject to constant changes. Things come and go. Right now we […]


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