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How to Verify Your Profile on Facebook and Instagram

It is common knowledge in social media marketing that a properly completed profile, meaningful photos, and video contribute to a successful appearance on Facebook and Instagram. It is a completely different matter with the ominous blue and grey check marks which can be seen on some accounts. These show that the page has been verified. […]

10 Platforms for Successful Influencer Marketing

Over the last few years Influencer marketing has developed into an important part of the marketing strategy, also in German-speaking countries. According to a forecast by Goldmedia the market volume for influencer marketing will rise to 990 million Euros by 2020 in the DACH-region. This development is taking place for a number of good reasons. […]

10 Useful Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers – Part 2

In our article „10 nifty Chrome extensions for social media managers“ we introduced you to a selections of add-ons making your daily routine in social media marketing more efficient.  For the second part of the series we won’t just look at our own experiences but additionally ask successful online marketing experts about their favourite extensions […]

A Guide to Images on Social Media – All Sizes and Dimensions at a Glance

As you probably know, pictures enhance the effects of social media posts. Statistics have shown how big the difference is. According to analyses by Buzzsumo, posts that involve pictures get up to three times more interactions than posts without pictures. Observing posts with pictures on Twitter & Co. has led to similar results. If you […]

10 Nifty Chrome Add-Ons for Social Media Managers

There are countless add-ons for Google Chrome out there. So, the real art is to choose the ones that are actually relevant to you. We have tested some extensions for you and selected our Top 10. In our list of useful Chrome add-ons for social media managers, you’ll find a variety of the latest extensions to […]

Tools You Can Use to Rock Social Media Marketing in 2018

Managing your brand’s online presence across different channels can pose a real challenge. To rock your social media marketing strategy, you should invest in tools that help you optimize and manage your campaigns effectively. With the right tools, you can streamline the process, scale your social media campaigns, and achieve great results. We’ve split our […]

3 Perspectives on Social Media Content Management

Editorial planning and the creation and publication of social media content are exciting topics and tasks that are often carried out very differently from one company to the next. That’s why we asked some of our customers and partners how they manage their company’s social media content planning. Specifically, we looked at how social media content […]

6 Rules for Great Social Customer Experience Management

Social customer experience management is the big trend happening NOW No business can exist without customers. This is why companies are highly focused on winning new customers and perhaps even more determined on keeping existing ones. Customer service is still more important than ever but customer experience goes beyond that. It has to deal with […]

Forget Trendy, Try Useful. What Can Do for Social Media Managers

How many social media management tools have you tried before sticking to one that fulfills your needs, or at least part of them? Do you remember what you didn’t like about the tools that you have tried? We’ve come up with a list of complaints and technical weaknesses that users have reported for several social […]

10 Solutions for Managing Social Media More Effectively

What you and your team should do to manage social media effectively Managing social media is always a tricky thing, as oftentimes you don’t know whether you’re doing it the right way. As discussed recently, there are signs that could be looked for when things don’t work out as planned. Still, once you’ve identified the […]


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