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10 Signs You’re Not Handling Social Media Effectively

How good are you at handling social media? Nowadays, it’s extremely important to underline the relevance of proper social media management. History has shown that social media has led to surprising results: empires have risen from customers’ success stories, new stars were born, communities were built, new trends set and, not metaphorically, lives have been […]

How Celebrities Manage their Twitter Account

Should Celebrities Outsource their Social Media Management? Celebrities are, in many ways, very similar to brands. When it comes to social media, some of them manage their own accounts, while others hire specialised people to do this job for them. Nowadays, Twitter is the preferred channel for fans-celebrities interactions. Fans can address questions to their […]

7 Community Management tips for Social Media Key Account Officers

Social Media community management can be a nightmare, especially when you’re handling multiple Social Media accounts for several clients with a small team…

Fast Foods, Fast Replies – Managing Social Media for Effective Customer Support

Fast food chains are huge companies with thousands, even millions of customers. This means that, every minute, they are dealing with the challenge of providing immediate responses to their clients’ questions and complaints. Are they good at using social media to provide an efficient customer support? Some are doing a great job, whereas others have still a long way to go.


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