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Google AMP Stories – Google’s Brand-New Content Format

AMP Stories, the new content format within Google’s AMP framework, is now available for free to everyone who’s curious. Keeping in line with the tradition of Instagram and Facebook Stories, this new feature is sure to transform mobile content pieces into true eye-catchers. But with almost all social networks currently employing Story formats, how much […]

The 10 Best Tips to Get Your Social Media Editorial Plan Going

As we all know “content is king” and social media marketing only works if you supply your channels with fresh and exciting content tailor-made for your target group at regular intervals. But what if your stream of ideas runs dry and you have no clue of how to engage with your community? Here are 10 […]

The 16 Best Video-Tools for Social Media

Videos play an ever-increasing role on social media. Therefore the importance of tools for cutting, editing and publishing clips is also rising for social media marketing. But which video-tool is the right one for your needs? There is a wide range from beginner’s tools with intuitive handling to professional editing programs – and from mobile […]

Competition for Youtube – What IGTV Means for Online Marketing

Instagram TV, abbreviated IGTV, is the new feature introduced by Instagram in late June. The name says it all: “Instagram TV” lets users  publish videos up to an hour long on the platform. For many observers, this feature may make this network, which now has a billion users worldwide, a serious competitor to YouTube. But […]

3D posts on Facebook – gimmick or serious marketing tool? 

After first tests at the end of October, the new Facebook feature that allows publishing 3D posts on the platform is available to everyone. Sounds like a gimmick? In fact, the new feature could address a key problem for many social media managers by helping them extend their reach despite growing competition and changes in […]

Facebook Link Previews – How to Use Domain Verification to Modify Link Posts After December 2017

When it comes to the ability to modify link previews on Facebook, 2017 has been a rollercoaster of a year for social media managers! After announcing the full depreciation of the feature in June,  Facebook rolled back partially by offering a solution to media and news organisations with Link Ownership only a few months later. This approach […]

How to Use Emojis as a Brand on Social Media

In the early days of text & instant messaging, emoticons were meant to convey standard emotions like a smile or a wink. Introduced in 2011 by Apple, the traditional emoji was meant to be a more versatile version of the conventional emoticons (which were simpler pictograms). Following the growth and expansion of Facebook, things took […]

Twitter Storytelling Hacks: How to Make the Most of 140 Characters

[Update: 7 November 2017] Twitter rolled out the full integration of longer tweets a few days after we published our blog post. Although now you can write 280-character long tweets, some of the things mentioned in our blog post are still viable and can be applied to longer tweets as well. Twitter’s plan to double […]

The Digital DNA of the Perfect Facebook Post

For your brand and business to stand out on Facebook, it needs a personal “voice”. Make a difference with the perfect Facebook post. There’s no one-size-fits-all recipe because every business page has its own goals and objectives. But there are some general rules of thumb that apply. On Facebook, your aim should be to craft […]

Facebook Link Previews – The Current State & 5 Workarounds To Modify Link Posts After July 18th

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve originally reported on the deprecation of editing link previews on Facebook. To no surprise, the outcry of publishers losing a favourite tool in social content optimization was loud. I *was* surprised though, by Facebook’s reaction, not only reaching out to me after my initial post, but following up […]


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