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Pinterest Marketing 101: Everything Companies Need to Know

Pinterest is the underrated underdog of social media marketing. But the rapidly growing network can be so much more than just an online gallery and meeting place of ambitious amateur chefs. Used in the right way it has a huge potential for the marketing of small and large companies. In some aspects, it even overtakes […]

15 Creative Social Media Campaigns and What You Can Learn from Them

You are looking for exciting ideas for new social media campaigns? Then get inspired by others. Many of the best examples come from big companies. But this doesn’t mean that these ideas cannot be executed at a smaller level, often with little effort. Here you will find 15 social media marketing campaigns which will show […]

These 10 Social Media Strategies Make Your Marketing Fit for the Future

More than 3 billion people use a social network each month and this number is rapidly rising. But having a company profile on Facebook and publishing content there is no guarantee that you will reach even a small fragment of these masses. Let’s put it another way: without a good strategy, you won’t succeed. Some […]

These 9 Pinterest Marketing Strategies Lead to Success

Has Pinterest played a minor role in your marketing activities so far? It’s about time to change that! The following numbers illustrate the potential that this picture search engine holds for companies: More than 200 million users are active on Pinterest each month. Most users are female, with the biggest group among them in the […]

Beat the Online Marketing Summer Slump – Be Successful With These 7 Tips

The famous summer slump does not only affect the press. Many companies face a drop in revenues when their customers are getting some sun or don’t purchase goods while saving up for the holidays. This sometimes leads to a failure of marketing measures which are usually successful during the rest of the year. No need […]

Employee Advocacy Marketing with LinkedIn – How to Use LinkedIn to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Most people trust recommendations by friends or colleagues rather than promises from billboards. Advocacy marketing is an opportunity for companies to take advantage of that fact by making customers or employees brand advocates. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network offers optimal conditions for this. Most of all, LinkedIn Elevate is its own tool, especially for […]

Messenger Apps: More Social Media Success Even with Less Reach

Sending a newsletter via WhatsApp – bet it’s something you’ve never thought of, right? There you feel like many social media managers in German companies. Although it sounds odd, all predictions suggest that in the near future, messengers will play a key role in digital marketing. The reason for this is simple: messenger marketing is creating new […]

Unbreakable Social Media Marketing Laws

In social media marketing, things are changing at a fast pace. Nearly every day, a new feature or update becomes available, compelling you to adapt your strategy when major changes come up. Some of the rules, however, are unbreakable. Failing to implement them may have repercussions on your brand’s reputation. Getting started with social media […]

Hype Your Product Pre-Launch with Social Media

Excited about your new product’s pre-launch? You should be. It’s the next big thing. Use social media to launch with a bang, and find a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Execution is key. Create buzz and tease the audience; draw people’s attention by creating anticipation and excitement. This will make the pre-launch […]

Joe Sinkwitz, Intellifluence: “Influencer Marketing as part of Brands’ Social Content Strategies”

In our latest eBook about Social Media Content “The Art of Social Media Content Creation” we’ve included an interview with Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Founder at Intellifluence. Read the whole interview below and find out how Joe is practicing Influencer Marketing to engage as a brand with potential customers, what KPIs are relevant and how […]


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