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Feature Roundup June 2018 – ❤️ Instagram

It’s hard to believe – June is over, and with it the first half of 2018! About time for a new feature update, which I have the pleasure to present to you this time instead of Julia (who is enjoying her well-deserved vacation – best regards! 🏖). After upgrading the ticket inbox with real-time updates […]

Feature Update May 2018 – Instagram Real-time Updates, Extension for Twitter Direct Messages and more

May at passed quickly. Behind the scenes, a lot has happened again. We sweated, cried, discussed and laughed together. The reason for it: like many of you, we have prepared for the GDPR. 🙂 Fortunately, we finished the biggest points on our list already last month and only had to deal with the smaller […]

Feature Update April 2018 – Keyboard Shortcuts and Post Hover Cards in the Content Calendar

It’s time again: also this month I am back with the latest product news! In March, we were pleased to receive the profile hover card, geotagging on Instagram posts, adding tags when planning posts and photo-posts on LinkedIn. This month our team was not only busy with new developments but also invested a lot […]

Instagram’s New Shopping Feature and Its Advantages

Instagram is known to be a digital shop window, especially for clothing labels and fashion companies. However, if you wanted to buy products shown on pictures, you first had to go to great lengths to find them. Instagram now offers the shopping feature in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and eight other countries. This feature transforms the […]

API Update – The Recent Changes at Facebook & Instagram & How This Affects

Oh boy, Facebook sure knows how to deliver a belated Easter egg! Yesterday night, the company announced and immediately deployed a variety of API changes (limitations, really) for both the Instagram and Facebook platform. Some of the changes that have been set into effect tonight were expected only months down the road, others are completely unexpected. […]

Feature Update March 2018 – Publishing LinkedIn Photo-Posts and Social CRM Profile Hover Cards

March passed by quickly here at and it’s time again for a feature update. Besides some planned new features for you, our developer team spent time taking advantage of a few unexpected changes such as the opening of the Instagram API. We are sure, you already tried out most of the features of last […]

Feature Update February 2018 – LinkedIn Publishing and Improved Monitoring

After the exciting feature updates in January, you’re probably already curious about the latest features that February has to offer. Last month we were pleased with Instagram Publishing, the Post Preview, Facebook Multi-Picture-Posts and a few new features such as the condensed ticket view and real-time ticket changes. The developer team was very […]

Feature Update January 2018 – Instagram Publishing & Other Composer Goodies

We’re only some 5 weeks into 2018, yet our development team has been constantly on fire, shipping stuff from left to right! And while impatience to let you all in on our recent feature updates was growing with each email tagged “feature alarm”, I just *had* to wait for one more big thing to happen […]

Rewind 2017: The Most Important Social Media Updates

Social media is not just about popular new features. Throughout 2017, we’ve seen many other things change. Your goal: be on the lookout, and leverage updates that truly impact the way your brand interacts with your target audience. In this blog post, we will start from the beginning, and highlight the updates that truly changed […]

Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed in the Summer of 2017

This summer has brought exciting updates in the social media environment. With Facebook fighting off fake news and Instagram upgrading Instagram Stories with video replays, there’s no doubt that things are changing. Social media, as a digital marketing medium, is susceptible to recurring modifications because with every new update there’s a new opportunity for you […]


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