How TV & Radio Broadcasters are Managing Social Media

Boost audience interactions on all social media platforms at the same time!

While social media is definitely giving TV & Radio broadcasting companies the opportunity to diversify their programming content and boost their reach and engagement rates with audiences, the new medium also represents big challenges. Broadcasters need to listen, analyze and integrate findings from all social media channels in order to ultimately improve their reach and strengthen the ties with their audience. In this context, managing social media becomes a necessity for broadcasting companies looking to understand how social content relates to the story they are telling, and to find ways to inspire their audience to engage with their programs and shows.

We can help!

Our social media management tool is helping broadcasting companies like Hitradio Ö3 and content producers like stern TV with their most difficult challenges by allowing them to monitor and manage all of their social media activity in one place. highly reduces the time spent to identify interactions, gather audience feedback and boost engagement levels on existing social media platforms.

Improve your social media management with!

  • Schedule & publish posts in a shared calendar – perfect overview for all team members!
  • Discuss, draft and approve each post collaboratively
  • All user activities – comments, posts, mentions and direct messages – in one ticket inbox!
  • Assign tickets to your customer care team – never miss a request or complaint again!
  • Support for all major social media platforms – now  including WhatsApp!
    Including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube & WhatsApp

How TV & Radio Broadcasters
are Managing Social Media

Download our whitepaper to find out how TV and radio broadcasters are using social media to create a tight bond with their audience. Find out which social media channels they are using, what works and what doesn’t, as well as what the big players are doing to market their shows via different social media platforms. Bonus: a case study on how broadcasting companies are using WhatsApp to increase their reach!


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