The Psychology of Social Media Marketing

Know the psychological principles behind every social media platform and identify what determines consumers to buy

By analysing human psychology and its impact on consumer behavior, you can identify what could determine consumers to buy your products or services once they feel or perceive the need for it. Social networks provide plenty of information about what consumers want or hope for, and can even draw a picture of what inspires them.

When you base your social media marketing research and strategies on human psychology, everything becomes clearer. You are no longer launching campaigns in the dark but have a clear understanding of what your audience expects to receive.

We can help you achieve that goal!

Our social media management tool is helping companies like ARD, Burda, Drei or Focus Online to better understand their audience by allowing them to quickly identify interactions, engage on all occasions and gather audience feedback on all social media channels.

Deliver what your audience expects with!

  • Schedule & publish posts in a shared calendar – perfect overview for all team members!
  • Discuss, draft and approve each post collaboratively
  • All user activities – comments, posts, mentions and direct messages – on all major social media channels collected in one ticket inbox!
  • Assign tickets to your customer care team – never miss a request or complaint again!
  • Support for all major social media platforms
    Including: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube & WhatsApp

The Psychology of
Social Media Marketing

Download our eBook to understand the benefits of applying psychology principles to social media marketing! Learn what works on every specific platform and how you can use psychology to convert and satisfy your community on social media. With a better understanding of your audience’s behaviour, you’ll able to target your strategies and campaigns far more effectively!


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