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Why Airbnb, Amazon, and PayPal Do Customer Service Differently

A week ago, we discussed how Uber, Google and Booking changed the game of customer service. You can read that story here. Now, we continue our approach to great customer service with other three international giants. Who hasn’t heard of Airbnb, Amazon or PayPal? They represent innovative business models that have disrupted entire industries: hospitality, […]

How Google, Uber, and Booking Changed the Game of Customer Service

In recent times, customer service has become more than just a tool used to increase retention of customers, as disruptors also employ it to differentiate from their competition. The proliferation of communication media has enabled almost every large company out there to develop its proprietary way of interacting with its customers. To prove our point, […]

5 Steps to Improve Your Social Customer Service Strategy

Is your social customer service strategy good enough? Companies that have a working social customer strategy are loved by their audience. It’s enough to take a look at what Nike, JetBlue or Xbox are doing on their social media accounts to understand that dedication and around-the-clock availability always pay off. Since your company may not […]

Your Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

Wow, it’s the last week of the year already! To me it feels like the Swat.io blog in its current, weekly form was  just established yesterday – when in fact it has been almost a year ago, in December 2014. 58 blog posts have been published since, 34 have been translated to German and 3 posts are already up on our […]

Launch: WhatsApp Support for Swat.io – Social Media Management on all channels!

Broadcast & Private messaging – starting today, companies can finally integrate WhatsApp with their existing social media content- & customer service processes seamlessly!

January’s Best Social Media Management Tips

The most valuable social media management tips as we step into 2015 New Year’s Eve is over. January is also over. Has social media taught us anything in the first month of the new year? And if it has, are the tips worth being cherished and mentioned in our personal social media “bible”? We’ll let […]

The 7 Bs to perfecting your Social Media Community Management

Can Social Media Community Management make the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy one?

How Mobile Operators do Customer Support on Social Media

Effective social media management can narrow the gap between companies and customers. According to a 2014 study performed by CTS, 8 out of 10 people cancel contracts on account of poor customer experience. Whether telecommunication companies like it or not, customer service has already largely moved to social media channels. In fact, 33% of users […]

Fast Foods, Fast Replies – Managing Social Media for Effective Customer Support

Fast food chains are huge companies with thousands, even millions of customers. This means that, every minute, they are dealing with the challenge of providing immediate responses to their clients’ questions and complaints. Are they good at using social media to provide an efficient customer support? Some are doing a great job, whereas others have still a long way to go.


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