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More than 5 Million Fans across 100 Channels: FOCUS Online and Swat.io – a success story

Focus Online is the uncontested number one among Germany’s quality digital media, reaching more than 20 million unique users per month. Through the FOCUS Online Website, along with the tablet and smartphone apps and all relevant Social Media Channels, the media company provides current news and solution-focused service information around the clock. Today, FOCUS Online […]

Marcelo Namura, Bold (Brazil): “Our team’s efforts could change consumers’ lives”

If you’re reading this in English, then you might not even know that Swat.io is pretty big in Brasil. In fact, just this week we launched our Portuguese landing page! Our next interviewee is from sunny Brasil as well: Marcelo Namura is the Senior Business Intelligence and Media Manager at Bold, an São Paulo agency, which is part of […]

Emanuel Tiefenthaler, D/UNIT (Germany): “Reply to every single user comment.”

In our 4th round of Swat.io agency interviews we’ve taken a little trip to Munich to meet Emanuel Tiefenthaler from D/Unit, an agency specializing in digital sports marketing. However, the agency’s portfolio also sports some edible delights 😉 But find out for yourself! 1. Tell us a little bit about your clients, about who they are, their size, etc. D/Unit […]

Florian Deinhamer, bluforce group (Austria): “It’s important to put strategy first and define clear goals.”

Between you and us – we’re quite proud that our social media management tool Swat.io is being used by digital and marketing agencies all around the world. However, after our interviews with social media experts in Brasil and Jamaica, it’s high time we talked to a social media manager at one of Austria’s homegrown agencies. Florian Deinhamer, New Media Director at […]

Bruno Maia, 14.ag (Brazil): “It is all about planning before creating.”

Working in a content agency is never easy. Founding one and being head of creative content is even more challenging. Every client is different, has different needs and expectations and agencies just need to find ways of being efficient while also staying profitable. We’ve recently interviewed Bruno Maia, Founder and Creative Content Chief at strategic content […]

Shaneel Simpson, CGR Communications (Jamaica): “Become super organized and learn to live in a super dynamic environment.”

Many believe that the position of Social Media Manager in an agency can be risky business. And it is! Handling social media can be very overwhelming, to the point where a Social Media Manager spends 12 hours/ day in the office, without a minute to spare. The main challenge is finding ways to better manage […]

How Mobile Operators do Customer Support on Social Media

Effective social media management can narrow the gap between companies and customers. According to a 2014 study performed by CTS, 8 out of 10 people cancel contracts on account of poor customer experience. Whether telecommunication companies like it or not, customer service has already largely moved to social media channels. In fact, 33% of users […]

Better Customer Support with our Ticket Inbox 2.1

Just after relaunching the Ticket Inbox – Swat.io’s social customer support hub – a few months ago, we immediately started to think about further improvements to this crucial part of our product. We tracked your clicks & did in-depth interviews to get a better understanding of how our users are actually doing customer service on Facebook, Twitter etc.  With those learnings we went […]


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