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Your Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

57 blog posts (31 on our german blog), 3 guest posts, 1 infograhpic and 5 eBooks – that was the year 2016 on our Swat.io blog in sheer numbers. But where there’s lots of content getting published, there are (hopefully!) readers as well! And so, like last year, we continue our end-of-the-year tradition to present you the […]

5 Ways Snapchat Transformed Itself in 2016

Snap Inc. may have lost Inc.’s 2016 Company of the Year title to Riot Games, but we still believe that it’s among the brands that made the most impact on the world this year. The company went through a rebranding, got into wearables, and launched plenty of features to etch itself in people’s minds for […]

Snapchat vs. Instagram – An Eye-Opening Comparison for Brands

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as Oscar Wilde said, then Instagram has been flattering Snapchat quite a lot this year. The recently launched Instagram Stories feature enables both individuals and brands to better promote themselves. However, the world couldn’t help but notice how similar to Snapchat Stories this feature is. Instagram CEO […]

Michael Kamleitner, Swat.io: “Snapchat Marketing Tools for Businesses”

We’ve recently launched our latest  eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, featuring interviews from several Snapchat experts. I was proud and happy to give my take on the best available tools that businesses can use to manage their Snapchat presence and on why we’re witnessing all this hype around the platform. You’ll also find […]

Guest Post: How to Reach 1,000 eBook Downloads in Just One Day

Guestpost by Alex Chiuariu (Beaglecat) At the end of June, we’ve launched our take on how Snapchat can be used for leveraging digital marketing strategies in the form of an eBook titled The Psychology of Snapchat Marketing. In less than 24 hours since the launch, the download counter indicated a bit over 1,000, which by […]

Torben Einicke, F9: “Monitoring Snapchat Marketing for Artists, Brands & Influencers”

In light of our latest  eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, we had the pleasure to interview Torben Einicke, the founder and CEO of F9, a consultancy company for digital communication and business development. Read his entire interview below and find out how you can measure the success of your Snapchat campaign, which tools to use, […]

Ana-Maria Birsan, Lieblingswort Communications: “How to Get Started with Snapchat Marketing”

As part of our recently launched eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, we interviewed Ana-Maria Birsan, CEO and Managing Director at the Lieblingswort communications agency in Vienna. Ana has been holding workshops on how businesses should do Snapchat marketing for quite some time now. Read the whole interview below and learn  all about Snapchat’s core features for […]

Lisa Stadler, derStandard.at: “How and Why We Do Snapchat Marketing”

While putting together our latest eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, we sat down with Lisa Stadler, Social Media Manager at derStandard.at, to discuss the content strategies that work best on the platform, Snapchat’s core features and how you can measure the success of Snapchat campaigns. Read the whole interview below and find out […]

Judith Denkmayr, VICE: “How Snapchat Marketing Works for Agencies and Brands”

As part of our latest eBook on the psychology of Snapchat marketing, we recently sat down with Judith Denkmayr, Chief Corporate Development & Communications Officer at VICE Austria, to discuss Snapchat’s potential for marketing agencies and brands. Read the whole interview below and find out why your brand needs to be on Snapchat, the main […]

6 Ways to Use Snapchat for Marketing

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of Snapchat before. It’s the new big thing in social media that leaves brands wondering: can it really be used for marketing purposes? First of all, let’s take a look at the magnitude of the Snapchat phenomenon. Snapchat’s potential for marketing is best explained by numbers. 18% of US social […]


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