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Using Social Media Listening for Better Customer Service

Social media listening first made its way into the PR/Communications department, where it acted as an early warning system for crises. Marketing followed next, and monitoring provided insights, as well as new ways for outreach and engagement. And still, it’s the Customer Service department where this activity could show its true potential. More and more […]

How Google, Uber, and Booking Changed the Game of Customer Service

In recent times, customer service has become more than just a tool used to increase retention of customers, as disruptors also employ it to differentiate from their competition. The proliferation of communication media has enabled almost every large company out there to develop its proprietary way of interacting with its customers. To prove our point, […]

6 Companies that Totally Get Social Customer Service on Twitter

Exceptional customer service makes you fall in love with these amazing companies We’ve been writing about customer support on social media for quite some time now… if you’re not yet convinced about the importance of providing customer service on these channels, here are two things you need to know: 67% of consumers have used a […]

Using WhatsApp for Social Customer Service

Reaching out to your audience on the most relevant channels can be a struggle, especially nowadays, when people demand instant feedback, simplicity and solid interaction – especially, in terms of  customer service. Two-ways brand communication has always been a challenge because it usually requires companies to invest both time and money into effectively engaging with […]

Mainstream Channels for Social Media Customer Service

Which channels are a must when it comes to social media customer service? Social media gives businesses a “transparent” effect that no other communication medium can achieve and that can make a huge difference when it comes to customer service. Your interactions are automatically made public via social media – even if you’re still following […]

Case Study: How SMEs Handle Social Customer Relationship Management

Social customer relationship management, an integrated strategy for many European SMEs. Some might think that investing time and resources into perfecting social customer relationship management is only specific to big companies because they are the ones with thousands and even millions of customers waiting to be served and listened to. However, the same applies to […]

Funny Customer Service Queries

Each customer service query is unique and should be dealt with accordingly. Dealing with customers can be really tricky. First of all, each customer is a unique individual, with specific personality traits and characteristics. Secondly, they all have different problems that need immediate attention and resolution. Lastly, what is crucial for one of them may […]

A Brief History of Customer Support

Customer Support. Have You Ever Wondered Where it All Began? Image Source: Pixabay Everything began with trade, which was figured out by humans very early on. By 3000 B.C, humans were setting out on long missions of waterbound trade and, as you’ve probably guessed, they had some ideas about how to treat customers and meet […]

10 Social Customer Service Tips

Some of the most valuable social customer service tips given by the pros. Providing effective customer services is one of the most challenging tasks for companies, especially with the rise of the internet. Everything is there for everybody to see. If brands fail at handling customer complaints, their reputation will suffer significant damage. What can […]

How Social Media Can Turn Your Customers into Brand Evangelists

How can a social media marketing management system help you turn your customers into brand evangelists? When talking about “brand evangelists”, we must first talk about evangelist marketing, more commonly known as word-of-mouth marketing. The latter is based on the idea that happy customers will deliver positive marketing messages to other potential customers. In other […]


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