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How Celebrities Manage their Twitter Account

Should Celebrities Outsource their Social Media Management? Celebrities are, in many ways, very similar to brands. When it comes to social media, some of them manage their own accounts, while others hire specialised people to do this job for them. Nowadays, Twitter is the preferred channel for fans-celebrities interactions. Fans can address questions to their […]

10 Successful Social Media Strategies for Valentine’s Day

What social media strategies do companies use to attract more customers around Valentine’s Day? There are many holidays throughout the year: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter. All of them are about family, friendship and love. However, only one special holiday uses hearts, teddy bears and roses to convey the idea of everlasting love and happiness: Valentine’s Day! Are you ready for it? Have you bought the perfect gift for your dearest one? These are some of the many questions […]

January’s Best Social Media Management Tips

The most valuable social media management tips as we step into 2015 New Year’s Eve is over. January is also over. Has social media taught us anything in the first month of the new year? And if it has, are the tips worth being cherished and mentioned in our personal social media “bible”? We’ll let […]

How Social Media Can Turn Your Customers into Brand Evangelists

How can a social media marketing management system help you turn your customers into brand evangelists? When talking about “brand evangelists”, we must first talk about evangelist marketing, more commonly known as word-of-mouth marketing. The latter is based on the idea that happy customers will deliver positive marketing messages to other potential customers. In other […]

5 Ways to Radically Improve Internal Communication using a Social Media Management Platform

Email. Skype. Email. Meeting. And back again. Does it sound familiar? It sometimes takes longer to discuss the content that needs to be published than it takes to produce it. Here are 5 tipps to improve communications by using a social media management tool!


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