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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Social Media Marketing from Another Galaxy

How can brands improve their social media marketing by learning from the Star Wars frenzy? The Star Wars franchise is one of the most powerful brands which has built itself for almost four decades. The film series represented a turning point in the industry of Sci-Fi and changed the face of Hollywood. It became a […]

Launch: WhatsApp Support for Swat.io – Social Media Management on all channels!

Broadcast & Private messaging – starting today, companies can finally integrate WhatsApp with their existing social media content- & customer service processes seamlessly!

How to Draw an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan

Image source: Pixabay Where do you start with your social media marketing plan? Yes, as opposed to what many people still believe, businesses cannot post whatever and whenever on social media. They need to draft and follow a carefully engineered social media marketing plan in order to be able to measure the results of their […]

Facebook for Dummies

This Facebook for dummies article highlights the key features of the most widely-used social media channel and their benefits for businesses. Facebook started out in 2004 as a social network for college students. Nowadays, it is the most widely-used social media channel with over 1 billion active users and constantly shaping online interactions. Facebook has […]

Social Media KPIs for Dummies

What Are the Social Media KPIs that You Should Be Tracking? Image credits: Paul Kehrer CC Social media engagement, the new industry buzzword that promises to revolutionise marketing as well as customer services and bring loads of benefits along the way. You know it has to be valuable, continuous, on different social media platforms, etc. […]

Social Media for Dummies. An Introduction.

The first article in our social media for dummies series deals with the top seven platforms used by marketers.   Surveys show that a staggering 93% of marketers use social media for business, with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ being the top three social media networks used by marketers. As a matter of fact, a report […]

CEOs: 5 Reasons to Consider Social Media in Inbound Marketing

Businesses are still reluctant when it comes to inbound marketing. This is what they should know: Image credits: negativespace.co Almost a decade ago, inbound marketing was a new industry buzzword, otherwise known as “permission marketing”, as American author and public speaker Seth Godin used to call it. Nowadays, it has gradually become one of the […]

The Best Social Media Posts on April Fools’ Day 2015

What social media posts did brands have in store for April Fools’ Day? During this year’s April Fools’ Day, social media was literally filled with pranks and hoaxes made by brands worldwide. Some of them had been carefully planned and organised beforehand, while others were just made up on the spur-of-the-moment. We’ve seen some really […]

Top 7 Funny Brand Interactions on Social Media

Humour is an essential component in brands’ interactions on social media. Image Source: matteroffactsblog Nowadays, it’s very important for brands to interact with their customers via social media channels. This aspect is part of both their marketing strategies as well as their customer support approach. What adds value is the ability to allow two way […]

February’s Best Social Media Management Tips

February’s collection of the most valuable social media management tips. February was a very interesting month in terms of social media. In the first half, companies put all their efforts into creating social media campaigns for Valentine’s Day. The other half was dedicated to analysing those campaigns and finding new ways of improving the art […]


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