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These 10 Social Media Strategies Make Your Marketing Fit for the Future

More than 3 billion people use a social network each month and this number is rapidly rising. But having a company profile on Facebook and publishing content there is no guarantee that you will reach even a small fragment of these masses. Let’s put it another way: without a good strategy, you won’t succeed. Some […]

10 Social Media FAQs and Their Answers

If you’re just getting started with your brand’s social media marketing strategy, you probably have a lot of questions. To give you a helping hand, we’ve covered the 10 social media FAQs that are most likely to pop into your mind. 1. Which social media platforms should my brand be present on? First things first, […]

5 Steps to Improve Your Social Customer Service Strategy

Is your social customer service strategy good enough? Companies that have a working social customer strategy are loved by their audience. It’s enough to take a look at what Nike, JetBlue or Xbox are doing on their social media accounts to understand that dedication and around-the-clock availability always pay off. Since your company may not […]

Free eBook: How To Leverage Psychology for Smarter Social Media Marketing

Consumers build brands. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that companies need to go the extra mile in order to nourish their perceptions and expectations with trustworthy brand experiences. In order to acknowledge at all times the current and potential needs of their audience, companies have turned to human psychology and how this impacts consumer […]

The Best Social Media Posts on April Fools’ Day 2015

What social media posts did brands have in store for April Fools’ Day? During this year’s April Fools’ Day, social media was literally filled with pranks and hoaxes made by brands worldwide. Some of them had been carefully planned and organised beforehand, while others were just made up on the spur-of-the-moment. We’ve seen some really […]

February’s Best Social Media Management Tips

February’s collection of the most valuable social media management tips. February was a very interesting month in terms of social media. In the first half, companies put all their efforts into creating social media campaigns for Valentine’s Day. The other half was dedicated to analysing those campaigns and finding new ways of improving the art […]

Top 10 Corporate Social Media Fails

What are some of the biggest corporate social media fails and why did they happen? Image credits: Pixabay cc Social media marketing has gotten trendier than many other marketing strategies over a relatively short period of time. Everybody is talking about it and companies are head over heels into recruiting the best people out there […]

How Celebrities Manage their Twitter Account

Should Celebrities Outsource their Social Media Management? Celebrities are, in many ways, very similar to brands. When it comes to social media, some of them manage their own accounts, while others hire specialised people to do this job for them. Nowadays, Twitter is the preferred channel for fans-celebrities interactions. Fans can address questions to their […]

10 Successful Social Media Strategies for Valentine’s Day

What social media strategies do companies use to attract more customers around Valentine’s Day? There are many holidays throughout the year: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter. All of them are about family, friendship and love. However, only one special holiday uses hearts, teddy bears and roses to convey the idea of everlasting love and happiness: Valentine’s Day! Are you ready for it? Have you bought the perfect gift for your dearest one? These are some of the many questions […]


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