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Feature Update December: Instagram Video Publishing & Calendar Beta Update

In our last feature update for 2018, we have a feature for you that we have been waiting for a long time. The Instagram API finally makes it possible to schedule and automatically publish not only photo posts but also video posts! I also have an update for you on the current status of the […]

How to Make Your Video Go Viral on Social Media

Word of mouth holds a lot of power. The thing is, the internet has given people a megaphone that they can use to make themselves heard. Whether your brand is on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc., understanding the mechanisms of video sharing across your social networks is crucial to crafting a successful marketing campaign. On social […]

Live Video Streaming Platforms for Business

Photo: Curtis Kennington Although social video platforms like YouTube or Facebook are extremely popular and do a lot for businesses in terms of video content discoverability and sharability, all the latest hype is around live streaming on Periscope and Meerkat (although of course there have been similar platforms before, namelyUstream or Livestream.com). These two live video […]

How to Promote Your Business via Video Marketing

Image source: Pixabay What businesses need to know when considering going for a video marketing strategy Marketing professionals have named 2015 “The Year of Video Marketing,” as more and more businesses are set to find ways to use this channel in order to reach customers. Not only do videos stand out on social media, they […]

It’s Showtime! Manage your Channels on YouTube

Community Management for YouTube Channels Building a tool that’s helping you to provide great customer service & community management is at the core of our mission. Keeping track of all conversations, never missing a customer request, ensuring quick reaction times – today we are excited to extend these priorities to the #1 platform requested by […]


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