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Launching this Autumn: Improved Collaboration & Community Management with Ticket Inbox!

“Time flies by when you’re having fun (developing new Swat.io features)!” That’s what I keep hearing from our development team after an exceptionally busy autumn, focusing on various significant improvements on the Swat.io Ticket Inbox, which I have the pleasure introducing to you today! All features have been launched during the past few weeks, so you might […]

Launch: Real Time Updates for Private Messages on Facebook

Real time conversations can be crucial to a company’s success on social media. Visitors want information as fast as possible. In most cases, they want them right now. Your organization’s reaction time can decide, whether or not a customer gives you the edge over your competition. A missed message or a late response can be factors […]

Keep Track with Author Attribution

Time for another update! Today we’re adding Author Attribution – a quick way to see which Swat.io team member has published a post or comment/reply! This makes it very easy to keep track who’s already involved in a particular conversation. Of course, Author Attribution is also displayed for deleted posts or comments! Sounds familiar? Of course, you might know […]

Better Customer Support with our Ticket Inbox 2.1

Just after relaunching the Ticket Inbox – Swat.io’s social customer support hub – a few months ago, we immediately started to think about further improvements to this crucial part of our product. We tracked your clicks & did in-depth interviews to get a better understanding of how our users are actually doing customer service on Facebook, Twitter etc.  With those learnings we went […]


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