Launch: Real Time Updates for Private Messages on Facebook


Real time conversations can be crucial to a company’s success on social media. Visitors want information as fast as possible. In most cases, they want them right now. Your organization’s reaction time can decide, whether or not a customer gives you the edge over your competition. A missed message or a late response can be factors that drives your prospect directly to a competitor.

Given that, we are happy to announce that now supports real time updates for private messages on Facebook! No more waiting – creates a ticket and delivers the message to your inbox almost instantly. You profit from faster notifications, that lead to rapid responses, which enables you to have fluent conversations with your customers without losing time.

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About the Author

Ray Singca

Ray Singca is responsible for customer support at, a Social Media Management solution that’s helping companies to improve their customer support & content management on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. is currently used by companies such as 3Österreich, Hitradio Ö3, ÖBB, Focus Online and Burda Intermedia.

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